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What Sets Us Apart

HAWK understands the difficulties customers face when seeking accurate level measurements. Every application is different, involving a multitude of environmental factors. HAWK's Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies allows for real-time measurements of long assets such as pipelines, conveyors, and perimeters. This is where HAWK excels. We aim to ensure that customers feel comfortable with our technology and are provided with long-term and reliable solutions. We believe that a combination of application and product expertise and forward-thinking and proactive support policies are the foundation of successful customer-supplier relationships.

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Only FOS System on the market that...

HAWK’s Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing System is the only system on the market that offers a single interrogator that measures Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), and Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) all in a single enclosure. The advantage of making these measurements in a single system is that parallel measurements of strain, temperature, and acoustics may be made in their most basic form by a single processor in real-time, allowing for better pattern recognition and faster acquisition and confirmation of events.

Another advantage of HAWK's Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing System is that it ignores false alarms, resulting in one of the market's most accurate and trustworthy systems. This revolutionary technology can protect assets, equipment, and perimeters. HAWK’s Fiber Optic System is modular and can monitor up to 80km (50 mi) in real-time 24/7. This type of intelligent monitoring is critical to operating efficiently and protecting valuable assets.

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Progressive Technical Support

HAWK believes that the future of the Level Measurement Industry revolves around the quality of pre and post-sales support. We aim for all sales & support staff to be product experts and, more importantly, application experts, making our customer's applications as efficient and consistent as possible.

Remote Innovation

HAWK understands the need for immediate technical assistance. The Praetorian FOS system allows our Global Support Team to assist with the commissioning and after-sales service of HAWK's FOS equipment worldwide. Measurement problems are addressed as they happen, not days or weeks later.

Knowledge Sharing

HAWK believes that knowledge sharing is critical to creating long-term relationships. Empowering our customers and our worldwide distribution network while always being available to lend a helping hand is the perfect recipe for long-term solutions and relationships.

HAWK openly extends an invitation to share our over 30 years of level measurement experience and ensure that your day-to-day processes are efficient, understood, and always working.

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