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Underground Pipeline Monitoring Solutions

Undetected Pipeline Leakage is one of the most environmentally and financially damaging risks to any oil, gas, or water pipeline operator. Undetected leaks often result in product loss, environmental damage, fines, and infrastructure damage, not to mention the potential safety risk uncontrolled leakages pose.

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) has developed a state-of-the-art underground pipeline monitoring solution utilizing an infield fiber optic cable that detects the occurrence of a leak and gives an accurate location for rapid infield assessment and repair. The sensing element is passive, so it may be installed in any hazardous location and extremely hot and cold applications. HAWK can provide solutions for aboveground and underground pipeline leak detection

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Hawk's Fiber Optic Sensing Solution

HAWK’s solution involves the combination of multiple measured variables within one cable, including Vibration, Temperature, and Strain. The system automatically compares and removes false signals, allowing the system to reliably report confirmed leakage points to within one meter on pipe lengths of up to 80km.

Through the use of multi-variable sensing, a single Fibre Optic System (FOS) is capable of detecting:

  • Temperature changes are caused by liquid or gas movement in pipe leaks.
  • Detection of sound/vibration from pipe leaks or third-party intrusions.
  • Change in stress/strain due to pipe bending or loss of support.
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Optimize the Service Life of Pipeline Assets

The FOS solution is a next-generation monitoring system that provides predictive analysis to allow for informed decisions to optimize the service life of pipeline assets, including:

  • Leak Detection
  • Cable condition monitoring/aging characteristics
  • Stress, Strain, and Pressures on the pipe
  • Ground movement
  • Unusual noise emanating either from the pipe or environment
  • Intrusion such as Theft, Excavation or Hot-tapping
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Frequently Asked Questions

The two Key words are Time of Flight and Rayleigh Backscattering,

i. Backscattering is the return light from minute imperfections in the fibre, as physical changes such as temperature, strain and vibration act of the fibre the spectrum of this return light is altered. Rayleigh Backscattering is the part of this spectrum that responds to vibration which allows vibration in the field to be taken out of the return light.

ii. Time of Flight is like a sonar, laser or radar, in that the time the pulse is traveling relates to a distance, in Fibre optic sensing this is a not just taken at the reflection point but for every bit of the fibre the pulse travels though.

Both! Our system can be installed below the ground or above. 

The Fiber Optic System continually monitors large spans of pipeline, looking for vibration and temperature changes. Once a detection occurs, the system alerts the operator or security personal to the exact location of disturbance in the pipeline.

Yes, we encourage it in fact! We have specially made systems that are shipped all over the world specifically for technology trials.

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