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Resources Latest News HAWK's Fiber Optic Sensing System Saves a Herd of Elephants

HAWK's Fiber Optic Sensing System Saves a Herd of Elephants

The NFR’s Chief Public Relations Officer told The New Indian Express that the railway OFC cables run parallel to tracks. These are used for dedicated railway internet for various core operations of the railways.

"When there is an elephant movement on or alongside a railway track, it creates vibration, causing variations in the optical signals being carried in these OFCs. The disturbance in the signals is the signature. Our AI-based software detects the changes in the optical signals to sense the presence of elephants," he said.

"This software can tell us exactly whether the movement is that of an elephant, other animals or even human. It can also specifically tell the distance where the movement has been detected. Any mammal which walks on land has a specific movement signature. The AI-based software has been trained to even detect the number of animals at a site," he said.

NF Railway implemented the FOS System last August along 70km of their tracks. Since then, there has not been a single incident.

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